Love isn’t found

Love isn’t found

It is built.

It changes form and shape

It breathes and grows.

It accommodates our tired bodies

And restful sighs

Our nervous laughter

And fierce kindness.

It is full of feeling, but thoughtful.

And just like Rome

Love isn’t built in a day.

Brick by brick we lay our foundation

Anticipate earthquakes, storms and tsunamis

But chances are, what is debilitating isn’t an unforeseen disaster

But the silent, chronic neglect of its foundation

Of not placing love at the centre.

Love isn’t found

It is built.

It exists in noticing quiet moments

In being seen and feeling heard.

It feels like home

With a fireplace alive enough to keep us warm

And not set our home ablaze.

It is the kind of work that isn’t draining

But what we live for.

And love that lives on

Is built together.

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Rhea Gandhi

Psychotherapist & hopeful academic. I write about oppression and turn it into poetry.