Rhea Gandhi

Love isn’t found

It is built.

It changes form and shape

It breathes and grows.

It accommodates our tired bodies

And restful sighs

Our nervous laughter

And fierce kindness.

It is full of feeling, but thoughtful.

And just like Rome

Love isn’t built in a day.

Brick by brick we…



It’s funny how benign some acts of ignorance feel

When there is love at the centre.

And how harmful they are

When there isn’t.

It is not intention but love

Free, open, vulnerable love

Without defences

Vast and senseless

Honest and carefree

That makes room for difficult conversations.

When love…



My poetry about oppression feels angry

Us vs them

Me vs you

But truly

I see more than the colour of your skin

I see you.

I see how when you were hurt, you became fearful of skin

Instead of the person wearing it.

I am not afraid of your…



Dear White Folx,

You might argue that you are reduced to your whiteness too

Your identity, your stories, your struggle ‘erased’

Your depth and kindness unseen

Your courage unacknowledged

Your intentions invalidated.

What a privilege

To be surprised

When that happens.



Rhea Gandhi

Rhea Gandhi

Psychotherapist & hopeful academic. I write about oppression and turn it into poetry.